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Father Christmas in his workshop.
Here he has made many thousand gifts,
today found in more than 100 countries all over the world.



Father Christmas writing children's names
and addresses on the Christmas gifts. Don't forget to mail him your list of wishes.



Father Christmas wife at the World Congress for Santa  Clauses in  Copenhagen.


The wedding photo of Father Christmas and his
wife. Their honeymoon trip went to the North Pole by a  sleigh, drawn  by reindeers. Father Christmas nearly got his nose frost-bitten.


Father Christmas as a little brownie on the sailing vessel “Falken” at Christmas Eve 1954 outside Barbados in the West Indies. It was so hot that he couldn't wear his brownie clothes.




Father Christmas with his beautiful
stick which he got in China.



Father Christmas and his wife on visit for  distribution of gifts. They want the children to sing Christmas carols for them. If the children ask Father Christmas's wife to tell them a fairy tale she will love to do it.

Father Christmas’ art exhibition at the Maritime Museum in Malmö 2010–2011


The exhibition shows some items of the seamen’s art that has been crafted by Jonny Ekdahl (Father Christmas).
During 45 years he has made more than 9000 items. He has never sold any of them. The Swedish King and Queen,
governors, bishops, ambassadors, admirals, seaman-churches and many other persons and organizations, have all
been given gifts by him. As Santa Claus visits to World Maritime University he has during many years given every
student one item as a Christmas gift. Accordingly his art will be found in more than 100 countries.

Father Christmas and his wife in China

During their trip to China they visited Beijing, Dalian, Xiamen, Hangzhou and Shanghai.


Father Christmas and his wife on the great wall. They intended toto walk 20 000m on the wall, but after the first hill, which you can see on the piture, Father Christmas's legs ached and his wife got chafed feet.


School-children in Xiamen check whether Father Christmas's beard is real.


Father Christmas and his wife
in Tiananmen
Square. They are
disguised as ordinary tourists.


Father Christmas among pre-school
in Dalian.


Father Christmas and his wife among
pre-school children
in Dalian.



Father Christmas and his wife among school children in a school yard in Xiamen.


Father Christmas and his wife among children in front of a school building.


Father Christmas and his wife visiting a class room. They are 45 pupils in the class.

Father Christmas's wife telling
pupils a Swedish folk-tale.